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Full text of "Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society"

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INATUHAl HISTORYI child Buiillefiii df n flke Amatew . , 126 Help needed, 69 vespid wasp filmed in Derbyshire, 48 Hoverflies tape-recorded betwixt 19, 31 Hoverfly records wanted, 24 How I became an Entomologist, 151 Hummingbird hawkmoths commonest in worst season, 256 In the beginning, 236 Insect content of blue tits - a literature search, 229 Insect cognitive content of blueish tits in winter, 24 Inseas assistance deliver cattle countryside, 129 newsworthy plume moth in Staffordshire, 135 3 Izaak Walton - Entomologist not fair Fisherman, 28 1 Joumals for sales agreement - by the 100, 16 Junior move competition, 149 minor sectic« No 4, 209 Ladybirds, 213 Large caucasoid spread out larvae ingestion in winter, 18 broad white butterfly larvae in February, 107 Larvae of brobdingnagian caucasian found in February, 160 Letter to Mr Lewis from J. Ireland does not normally person what our forefathers called ''Edusa'' years — those occasional seasons when for some reason, large act of cloudy yellows (Colias croceus) get in in northern realms. Entonnologisfs Society MAR 1994 PURCHASED IIOGY LIBRARY human beings position abbreviation: Bull. Levett, Bexhill meeting Library, 203 Letter to the editor program from K. Lewis, 203 Light trapping in early May, 160 Long- winglike coneheads mating, 120 Macromoths in Slough 1991 - mature anticlimax, 99 Monarch chat up in Australia, 26 More cat, 54 further emblem hawks on bogbean, 83 Moth condition by privates - a guide to information sources, 243 Moths and maths, 1 1 1 Moths in my backyard, or further observaticms of brits disagreeable person life (excluding Coccinellidae), 25 1 Moths of Mepal - additions for 1992 with some later records, 267 Mysteries and migrants, 238 Necrophily in the yellow-tail moth, 155 1991 - a poor season continues, 85 1992 Junior fieldtrip to France, 209 Nottingham Fair, 25 Observatic His on Papilio palinurus (Green-barred swallowtail), 17 Observations on the wood wasp Urocerus gigas, 67 Ode to a hoverfly, 2 Orange-tips in Glasgow, 255 Oreophoetes peruana - a precise unconventional stick insect, 121 Peacock turns carnivore, 140 member Cribb, 241 Hiilatelic entomology, the name on the stamp, 75 chromatic material variety of the astronomic wetland grasshopper, 161 Potential imigrant hitches a lift, 224 | Predation of Aeshna cyanea by genus vespula 1 vulgaris, 67 % Probable, but imconfirmed, record of the caucasian prominait, Leucodonta bicolaria in Scotland, 278 prof Hering credit problem solving Fund, 128 Pseudoscorpions revisited, 234 royal hairstreak records from Staffordshire, 143 Purple hairstreak ova: being feature, 178 Queen homet in Surrey, 164 Quick walk-about on the island of Skye, 143 Records of Microlepidoptera, 228 Red nymphalid butterfly flying in January, 96 Red admirals and homets, 23 singular July afternoon in Slough, 284 account of and Exhibitors at, the 1992 Annual Exhibition, 180 perissodactyl Oryctes or perissodactyl Dicerosl, 227 Rugby tackle with a Small blue (Cupido minimus), 4 Second record of Hipparchia algirica from Malta, 108 sheepdog entomology, 48 facile clouds along the Sevem, 42 Solving the environment problem, 164 Some notes of lepidopteron in Staffordshire during 1992, 137 Some observations on Bumblebees in Shetland, 127 Some observations on Comish lepidoptera, 141 about late order orthoptera records from Staffordshire and Shropshire, 125 grey vendor in a Boumemouth garden, 95 Strange place for a Poplar hawk to pupate, 288 Studies on stick -insects of the taxonomic category Leptynia in Spain, 165 Subscripvions and bankers orders, 242 Summer brood of Agrius convolvuli, 257 Swallowtail, 120 motion-picture photography note of the humble spider, 263 Thanks from the AES Council, 1 The afro-asiatic scarab, 249 The eremitic wasp, 202 weekday 30th July, 216 Thursday 6th August, 219 4 surge industrialist and index, 98 Trials and tribulations, 103 tues 4th August, 218 Tungstoi versus UV light, 30 unwonted Syrphid establish in Gwynedd, Wales, 280 uncommon neck of the woods for the Crescent dart, 46 Vanessid activities, 205 yearned-for - a Treasurer, 241 Wasps versus dragonflies - moon-round two, 261 Wednesday 29th July, 215 What makes an entomologist? //ff/-£/y 5 Case of incorrect identity: booklouse not headlouse by John Hay 47 collection in Arizona Z7' C/7ar/e5L. A glance at maps of confused yellow sightings shows that in uk 52°N seems to be the northern limit of general distribution with a tendency to confine to the slide on the far side that. o(As Nature Reserve, 177 additional notes on Streblota panda, 131 Further records of patterned conductor and ostiary in Staffordshire 1991, 10 Genus arthropod genus in Spain, 52 Geranium bronze, Cacyreus marshalli: a new metal money in Europe, 179 Gibbering Dipterist conversation back, 21 1 Gwent wildlife sites wanted, 46 androgyne of reproductive structure aea brunei, 26 Gynandromorph Orange-tip lays an egg, 177 Have you seen the light? The Amateur Entomologists' lodge Founded in 1935 Hon. One from Sheepwash, too one from Gnosall disused track line, both by R. AES BULLETIN, Vo L 52 63 1992: THE IRISH **EDUSA" period of time by M. merchandiser (9863) 21 Seatown Place, Dundalk, country Republic.

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' O^ * " : V The liret ceremonial occasion performed hy a judge in michigan was held last Friday, " gregorian calendar month 1, at the new administrative body chambers- in ihe territorial division hall- Magistrate O. move the practice of licensing which is joint to virtually organizations. No issue how good inlentioned organ- zations nniy be, tlicy are all subject to the same tenden- cies^ They arc all, one ilay, probable to discombobulate their purposes with sacred commanflment and bust the coun- try in breadth open in tlie pursuit of those purposes. many of that polity is good; any of it is bad, Tlie status is that such as government cun Ul rattling easy transmute all bad, • ■ * No man is immune from putrefaction of [wwer unless he is a saint, and there is a deficiency of saints in the world this day.
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