With the second round of the Enduro World Series going off in the wilderness of Tasmania, it was set to be an epic event at a new venue everyone was excited about! But it was not an easy one…

Anita & Caro:

“The pace was there but the fortune not entirely on our side… When we first heard some local whispers that there was rain predicted for our race day on Sunday we couldn’t believe it. During the two practice days the amazing trails that we were supposed to race were as dry as it gets and looked more like giant sand pits in places. Several of the stages featured big rockslabs and very technical rock sections and the loose soil definitely added an extra challenge.

7 short but intense stages, 64km and 1600hm with an expected overall stage time of about 20mins offered to be an intense weekend of racing bikes.

We loved the countless technical sections and the big jumps and we were able to speed things up in practice in no time. Especially Caro was super excited to race since she finally wanted to let the cat out of the bag and get after her big goal to reach the podium, which she felt was possible in Tasmania. Then Sunday morning, the predicted clouds and big rain moved in and spiced things up. The constant down pour changed the tracks quite a lot but did not stop us from attacking hard. Caro showed some strong riding and was sitting in 3rd going into the lunch break. Anita was fighting with break problems from stage 3 which ultimately led into complete break failure on the rear. Anita kept the spirits high and tried to make it through the day to at least make sure to bag some points for the overall.

Going into the second half of the race Caro kept on battling hard and was probably riding at her best ever, until things got super weird and her spare tube that was attached to the frame, fell off and wrapped itself around her front wheel and the hub. From hero to zero standing trackside trying to get the situation back in control she lost a lot of time and most definitely her first ever podium too. It was just not yet to be meant.”

Caro finished the race still in a respectable 7th place and Anita fought her way with her mechanical troubles to a 19th spot.

The twins are hungry for more and will be back on track for EWS round #3 in Madeira, Portugal in four weeks!