Giulia Tanno had a really exciting season with some ups and downs – from X Games podium to a bad injury. But she has already setting her goals very high for the next season. You will find out in her Recap, how her goals look like and what she likes to do in the summer time. 

Hey Giulia! Could you tell us how your season 16/17 was and what was your personal highlight?

I’ m actually very satisfied with my season. For sure, I know that there was a bit more potential in some contest but now you can’t change it. However, now I know what I have to work on. Unfortunately, I recently got hurt and now I have to focus on school and rehab. My highlight definitely was X Games in Aspen!

What about your goals for the next season?

My main goal is the participation at the Olympics, for sure. When I am keep on doing things as before it looks pretty good. And I think when I am there and I can do my best, everything is possible. But the most important thing is that I am without injuries. In addition, I have a lot of tricks in mind that I would like to try.

We are looking forward to the next season and we wish you all the best for the Olympic qualification. But for now some of your Top 3 Rankings…

Top 3 Ski spots of the past season


Top 3 meals on the mountain

Tomato Soup
Avocado Sandwich

Top 3 Video Parts of the season

Top 3 trend tricks 16/17

I have nothing special in my mind. I think men do a lot of triples, and women maybe Cork 9 Blunt.

Top 3 fashion trends (good/bad) of the season

Baseball Hats
Beanie above Hoodie

Top 3 activities in the summer

BBQ at the lake
Meeting friends, who I didn’t meet that often during the winter time.

Top 3 items that you lost during

I have never lost something necessary! Only my favorite jacket has been stolen.

Top 3 sports (besides Freeskiing)

Figure skating

Top 3 Apps on your smartphone


Top 3 Songs on your smartphone

TEMPTATION – Joey Bada$$
Mask Off – Future
New Man – Ed Sheeran

Thanks Giulia!!