Anita and Caro went to the beautiful Atlantic island Madeira because of the third tour stop of the Enduro World Series. There are breathtaking landscapes, changing climate and exotic fruits – Madeira is not for nothing called the “Hawaii of Europe”. We talked with the fast twins about their short trip.

Madeira enjoys a good reputation in the MTB scene, but the Gehrigs haven’t been there up to now. The Trails on the Island have everything to offer: rocky single trails, flow speed parts, handshaped jumps, small channels of laurels – you name, they got it!

On the one hand the island is pretty small, but on the other hand 2.000 meters high. Due to deep valleys and Atlantic besides, the climate and therefore the ground can be different every 500 meters. If there are some bad slams at the beginning of the race, it is tough to get the flow.

At the end they placed 7 (Caro) and 8 (Anita). For a detailed race report – go to the colleagues from!

We interviewed both about the trip and they also showed us some pictures.

Nice that you are back again! The airport of Madeira is known as one of the dangerous of the earth. Where you afraid? And what about the landing?

Yes, honestly we were afraid. We made the mistake to watch some of the Madeira airport fails on YouTube. At the approach you only see a big bridge which is used as the runway. On the island there is hardly no other straight place where you could built a runway. That is why the runway looks like this! Fortunately, at the end our landing and takeoff were pretty smooth.

Was there some time to explore the island besides the trails? For example the capital Funchal or tobogganing of Monte?

Unfortunately, the time was rather tight to explore the beauty of the island, but we made it to Funchal and there we checked out the local fruit and vegetables market. Passion fruits in all possible variants (crossings with lime, tomato and banana) and we tasted all of them. Mhmm tasty!

Unfortunately, the time wasn’t enough for some tobogganing, but we heard that it is a lot of fun.

Madeira is also known for good food as the black scabbardfish with banana or Espetadas, the huge skewer. In addition, there are uncountable fruits, which are maybe unknown at home. Do you like to try some of the exotic things or do you stay safe before the race? And what about your general nutrition at a weekend like this?

We went all in with the passion fruits… We definitely experimental and try to taste all of local delicacies whenever it is possible. But shortly before the race you should avoid some things, in order to take no risk. Sushi for example, we than only eat cooked fish. Otherwise, we are not sensitive with food. We only look that the nutrition during the training and race days gives us enough energy. You can burn 3.500 calories at on race day and to receive the energy back is almost a challenge.

We look at this most:

  • Drinking enough water, min. 2-3 liter
  • Protein shake directly after impact
  • Eat enough carbohydrates, but not “blank” ones like pasta, but potatoes, rice, bulgur & co
  • A lot of colorful vegetables & fruits
  • Good fats from nuts
  • Some protein from pulses, chicken and fish and chocolate for the good vibes

Loved and feared is the Poncha! What exactly is that and how much did your drink?

Ohh, yeah the Poncha… That is a local specialty and a mix of sugarcane booze, lemon, orange juice and honey. We picked up with that stuff at the first day and noticed that it could be a disaster at the After Race Party on Sunday… Poncha directly hits in the blood! Therefore there were a few or a few more to much at the end.

What is the biggest risk: wet roots or the Poncha from the day before?

The evening before there is no Poncha, so it was due to wet roots…

In two week there is the next stop of the EWS in Ireland. What are you doing until then?

We are at home in Flims and preparing for the next race. Finally spring is there and now we have perfect conditions.
What did you plan for the race and why is Ireland doing better than Madeira?

For Ireland we are planning a lot. Our target is that at least one of us on the podium that is our goal! We were always pretty good in Ireland in the past years. The trails over there are very good for us and also the thousands of viewers are getting us hyped. We can hardly wait!

We wish you a lot of fun and success on the next island!

Madeira – the Hawaii of Europe

 Aaah Yeah! Looking out of the window and listening to musik – for example with the Samsung Level On Headphones.


 Welcome to Madeira!

 So much luggage for five days?!

Runway on stilts!

Strollin‘ Madeira.

Passion fruits in all possible variants – tasty!

 Trails with a view!

By a little help from our friend!  Mechanic Pascal was there for the first time.