Right on time for the Biker Photo Challenge, Flumserberg opens three brand new trails next Saturday (01.07.2017). Beside that a new eight-person Chair Lift will be open so you and your friends can bike even more. We think – reasons enough for a weekend trip. Once again, here are all details.

Biker Photo Challenge

We have already told you about the Biker Photo Challenge but just to make sure you got all important details: Perspactives ambassador René Wildhaber and Samsung invited to the Smartphone Photo and Video Contest at the BikerBerg Flumserberg. The best Photos and Videos will win SICK prices: two Samsung Galaxy S8, Gear S2 Smartwatches and Level On Headphones. To get the chance to win, all you have to do is to get registered on Saturday the first between 9am and 11am at the bottom of the Tannenheim Station. If you are too lazy, get over to the online registration here (http://www.flumserberg.ch/AnmeldungBikerPhotoChallenge).

From four o’clock on Pat Burgener and his band taking care about the sound at the Prodalp.

New Trails for the BigerBerg

We are pleased to tell you that beside the Biker Photo challenge three new Trails will be open for the first time on Saturday. After the opening ceremony at the Middle station ‘Prodalp’ the new eight-person Chair Lift will bring up the first guests to the Prodkamm around 10:30am. Adding the three new trails means now a total of 13 kilometers. Hell Yeah!

With a lot of flow the new trails RedFox and RedRock will bring the bikers from the Prodkamm back to Prodalp and Tannenboden and the connection trail BlueBunny will bring them back from the Tannenboden to the BlueSalamanda. The trails are shaped perfectly into the terrain. They are narrower with less jumps and build elements than the BlueSalamader.

The new chair lift will transport up to 5 bikes. So it not just goes down really quick also up. More rounds, more trails, more fun!!

René Wildhaber has already checked the new trails: