Girlswhoride, #goodtimes, #respectthesend, #sunsoutgunsout, and #ridingdirty are the perfect hashtags to describe the Samsung Twins Women’s Bike Camp last weekend. Anita and Caro Gehrig invited 50 participants to their home trails in Flims – there were girls from beginner to absolute trail professional. We have a retrospective for you and the gallery with the best shots.

From women, for women! Because it is just better. The twins have been organizing the Twins Women’s Bike Camp since 2014. Samsung perspactives was a partner from the very beginning and is looking forward to the camp being so well received (sold out!) And all the participants had a good time. Now we look back for those who have lost their seats or want to be at the next camp (September 2nd / 3rd!).

Sali zäme!

Already known and many new faces could be seen on Saturday morning at the valley station in Flims. Presentation of the coaches (Anita and Caro organized expert and sympathetic coach support), organization of the groups, bike check and go!For the beginner group, we went to Laax. There is a small Skills Park at the valley station, where Coach Noémie first taught the absolute basics: position on the bike, safe braking, rocking and dropping.


Laps! Laps!! Laps!!!

For the already more experienced participants: Trails for Breakfast! With the lift, we headed up to Foppa to enter the Runca Trail. At different points on the trail was stopped, in order to work on the technique. Each of the riders could learn something for themselves, push themselves bit by bit, overcome boundaries and improve their own skills. With the tips of the coaches this was no problem, so round for round we went faster and with more flow around the curves and over the small jumps.No wonder, that there was a lot of grinning faces at the Legna Bar.

Workshop Session with Glacé

For the afternoon, Caro and Anita came up with something new. At the Flimser Sportzentrum they built various stations with wood pallets, pylons and other utensils to work with the girls on the technique. That way balance, rear wheel shift, bunny hops and co. was trained. And at 35 ° C and without a spot of shadow! Therefor the Glacé-break came very well…


BBQ, Quiz-Battle, Good Times!

Anyone who has been to the Samsung Twins Women’s Bike Camp knows that it is not a question of having a worthy competition on the mountain bike. The girls want to spend some good time together and get to know like-minded people. And where is that better than in the queue at the BBQ? Yeah right…At the BBQ photographer Philipp Ruggli analyzed the best pictures of the day on two Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. And for those with residual energy there still was the Icaros fitness machine with the Samsung Gear VR. It is a unique mix of virtual reality gaming and workout. The whole thing is not only incredibly much fun, but is also quite exhausting. Icaros provides a unique, authentic full-body flight feeling through the Samsung Gear VR glasses. The person flies through virtual 3-D landscapes and has to fly through rings, for example, whereby the control of the virtual flight path takes place entirely by body movements. Once again, it was quite clear who had a good body feeling.

Mud slaughter in the morning 

After the blazing sunshine on Saturday the rain cooled the temperatures pleasantly at night. Unfortunately, it did not stop raining, in the morning the laps on the Never End Trail in Laax became a real mucking party from: dirt from the front, mud from behind. But sometimes it is good fun and the good mood remained. However, the weather changed in the noontime and we got a few Sunshine Runs on the Runca Trail. Once again it was a great weekend in Flims. The fun factor is extremely high, the girls pushed each other and had a good time. We only can recommend it to anyone who loves the bike. The second part will take place with the Samsung Twins Womens Trail Camp in September. But only for advanced drivers. But until then, there is still time to practice! We wish all participants a great summer on the bike!