Rain, Snow and freezing cold were not the best conditions for the 7th Samsung Twins Women’s Bike Camp hosted by Caro and Anita Gehrig. Although the weather wasn’t the best, over 50 girls participated and definitely had a blast in Flims this weekend! Check out the recap!

Can’t stop us now!

You don’t really need good weather to go mountainbiking, do you?
Already days before the event started, Flims was cursed with bad weather and the forecast looked even worse. Never the less, around 50 bikers showed up to celebrate an epic MTB-weekend. Caro and Anita teamed up with well-known Mountainbike Coaches Steffi Thalmann, Kathy Kuypers, Daniela Michel, and Camille Blanche to ride the slippy slopes of the Runca Trail and be the helping hand for the ladies.

Action, wellness or technique?

We tried hard, but after a couple of hours, even the first layer of the bike outfits was obviously soaked. Good thing, Caro and Anita had other activities on their list. From indoor training at the Laax Freestyle Academy, to a relaxing wellness programm, to traveling back in time to schooldays, where Julia Hoffmann taught the girls all about bike fixing – there was (almost) everything.

After a day full of activities, everyone was happy to enjoy some drinks together at the Legna Bar. Looking at the first photos of the day on a Galaxy S2 Tablet, while having an awesome BBQ was just another plus point of a successful first day. By using the Samsung Gear VR on the so called Icaros, you could even fly through foreign worlds. Good times!

Day 2. Biking in the snow

The second camp day traditionally starts with the first gondola ride up to ”Crap Sogn Gion” (2250m). After days of rain, it was no surprise that we were obviously riding on snow at this height level! It was quite technical but in the end manageable to ride. The Never End Trail was super flowy and with all the snow around we were riding in a great and mystic atmosphere. As a crowning glory, the sun came out on the last meters of the trail! A perfect ending to an awesome weekend.

We listed the best pictures of the Samsung Twins Women’s Bike Camp below! If you couldn’t make it this year, seize the opportunity and sign up for 2018 as soon as possible. Tickets are usually sold out super fast!