Nicole is the lucky winner of our raffle and won 1×2 spots for the Samsung Twins Women’s Bike Camp. We asked her some questions about her days in Flims, what she liked best and more.

Hey Nicole! Please introduce yourself to our readers: Age, residence, home trails, riding since?

I’m 26, I was born in Germany but now I do live in Lenzerheide. I’m riding for just about two years, as there are no mountains near my home town in Germany. My home trail or park is everything around Lenzerheide, Arosa and Chur. It’s such a great region with so much to ride!

From the very beginning you said that you’d like to take your best friend Leonie with you. Who got who into biking and how often do you guys ride together?

We started together, so we are on the same level of riding. It’s not so often that we get to ride together as I am working in the catering sector. You always have to work when everybody else is not.

You for sure know how to handle a bike. Did you learn something new nethertheless?

Yes, my coach Kathi tought me a lot of things and I progressed a lot!

The weather wasn’t that good during the camp: rain, snow, cold… The mood was quite good anyways and the visit at the Freestyle Academy in Laax made up a cool alternative, too. What is your highlight of the camp?

Jumping into the airbag in the Freestyle Academy for sure! It’s great to practice and to overcome fears. The snow was cool, too. I just love it, even though it was quite cold.

Speaking of snow: You live in Lenzerheide, virtual in the ski resort. Are you looking forward to winter and snowboarding/skiing already or would you prefer some more summer days on your bike?

I’m doing it all – ski, snowboard, bike! So both seasons are cool for me. You could even go snow biking! Best of both worlds! 🙂

Thanks for the little interview. Have a nice late summer!

Thanks to you for the spots and the chance to participate in the camp. A dream come true!


Check some impressions of Nicole at the camp.