#DoWhatYouCant – Ride like Pat & Dave! From now on you have the opportunity to grab one of our team rider’s super limited pro snowboards at Ochsner Sport. Better be quick as they will sell fast and get yours here. Read on for more information.

Pat Burgener and David Hablützel have a definite goal for this season: join the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang! It is no secret that the boys have the necessary skills to go for it. Both have been on the podiums of the world’s most renowned snowboard competitions. To perform on such a high level a snowboarder needs his gear to be perfect in line with his riding style and to be realiable at all stakes. We have supported Pat and Dave in developing the snowboard of their dreams. This top notch snowboard is all they need to go big at any contest! At the same time, their snowboards most definitely perform at any other occasion you can think of – may it be park laps, easy cruising on the slopes or a fun powder ride. But please check for yourself and treat yourself with one out of 100 limited edition Samsung Snowboardsexclusively at Ochsner Sport!

Pat Burgener Pro Snowboard

“It’s a snowboard made out of the best material. It’s strong and really enjoyable on every kind of obstacle. It helps me achieve all those crazy jumps on my way to the Olympics”, says Pat about his pro model which has a graphic, that has a special meaning to him. “I chose to put a guitar as the design because it reminds me of music and family every time I strap my snowboard!”

Other than you would think his current favorite trick with this snowboard is not in the halfpipe. He loves to go for frontflips on the slopes! “The board has mad pop and even small bumps will give you a good launch!”

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David Hablützel Pro Snowboard

Dave is super stoked about the way his board rides as well as the pure simplicity of the design. No distractions and clear focus on what matters most: quality and performance! In his opinion this is the perfect snowboard for fast runs in the halfpipe and the park. His favorite trick with this snowboard? “Going huge with switch backside airs”, says Dave. We agree, as he does them with style and ease. “But I had also loads of fun powder runs with my pro model!”

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Finally we would like to give you a little impression of what those boards look like in action!