The last years went pretty well for Kim Gubser: From multiple wins of the Rocket of the Day award and the bump into the Samsung Team to being an integral part in the Swiss Freeski Team. But since some weeks, it became rather calm around him. Therefore we simply asked Kim, what’s going on.


Hi Kim, why don’t you just tell us how your last weeks have been for you?

Sure! Like every year I stayed in Stubai for a few weeks for some progressive training sessions. The first week was great: perfect weather and the snow conditions were awesome. I could learn a new trick and made some progress concerning other tricks.

…but what is the catch?

Well, on my last day, after many repetitions of the new trick, I overrotated a jump and strained my meniscus.


Oh damn, that doesn’t sound good. Does it have more negative consequences for you?

Due to my injury, even though it is just a small one, I couldn’t participate at the Big Air Worldcup in Milano. I hoped to be back on track for this competition during my training in Stubai and have even been at the contest location in Italy. But after every jump my knee hurt more and more. Thus I consulted our physical therapist and sports med and we decided it would be better, if I take care of my health and skip the coming competitions in Stubai and Mönchengladbach.

But you didn’t really chill, did you?

During the last two days I have been in Davos at the Jatzpark to test my knee, if it’s already healed. I didn’t feel any pain yet, so I will go to Laax next week to train on the big kicker line. The next contest which I will attend is going to happen shortly before Christmas in Font Romeu (F). That’s why I will try my best to be as ready as possible for this year’s last chance!

Seems like there’s nothing more to say except we wish you all the best and speedy recovery!