Damn! David Hablützel could not recover from his heavy crash during the Laax Open in time and is now heartbroken about cancelling his participation in the Olympic halfpipe competition in South Korea. We have some background information for you.

Throwback: Big crash at the Laax Open

Laax Open, halfpipe finals, second run for Dave. At the first hit, he landed with his back on the lip and fell head first into the flat. Dave has been unconscious immediately, lied motionless on the ground for a certain time which felt like an eternity. A helicopter brought him into hospital.
Later during that day the diagnosis: “only” heavy bruises of his lumber spine and shoulder as well as a concussion – blessing in disguise! After a few days of recovery to refuel his physical and mental energy, he still wants to be part of the Olympic Winter Games.


Being Not Ready Yet

Now, one month after the Laax Open and all the practice runs in the pipe in PyeongChang it is set: the crash was too heavy, the injuries are too lengthy. After consultation with the coaches and the medical staff, Dave decided to resign his start. “I tried all my best to be recovered in time. But I can feel, that my body only reached 60-70 percent of its usual capability until now. Under these circumstances it is senseless to compete at this high level”, he explained.

We are saying: what a bummer, Dave. But keep your head up! We are certain about that this decision is the right and most reasonable one and during the following weeks, months and years (#peking2022), you will be back at the top! We wish you a fast recovery!