The Olympic Games starts on Sunday for Fabian Bösch. So there is still some time left for relaxation, good mood and a little bit of nonsense. We believe that he won Instagram with three of his clips during the last days. But see for yourself!

Cool Runnings – Swiss Edition

When the movie “Cool Runnings” was released in 1993 in cinemas, Buhsch has not even been born yet. But with this run together with his coach JP Furrer, he shows a brilliant homage to one of the best Olympics related movies of all time! This clip already collected over 350.000 views and was even featured on foreign websites.


Everything is different in Asia – even the escalators…

At least as funny as that, is Fabian’s alternative of how to use an escalator. We not able to tell more because we are busy laughing. Too good to be true!


9Gag reposts Flipball Clip

Maybe you are remembering this clip? At the beginning of December, the official unofficial Flipball World Cup Finals took place between Fabian and Joel Bleyer. This clip even made his way to 9Gag, who shared this one in a repost. The result: unbelievable eight million views!
If this is not an announcement to the IOC, what else is it? #tokio2020 #goforgold