Leading to the Olympic Winter Games, Pat Burgener had huge plans and so the expectations pretty high. But he mastered them with a stunning success during the snowboard halfpipe finals! Pat finished 5th and strengthened his standing as one of the world’s best snowboarders.

After a strong performance in the qualifiers, Pat has been certain, that he can achieve one of the top rankings. And so it came during the finals! He could finish his desired run with loads of style and therefore obtained an outstanding 5th place behind Ben Ferguson (USA, 4th place), Scotty James (AUS, 3rd place), Ayumo Hirano (JPN, 2nd place) and Shaun White (USA, 1st place).

Clearly, the highlight of this final was the incredible battle between Ayumu Hirano and Shaun White. The latter one achieved his third Olympic gold medal with his last outstanding run, which made him finally to an immortal snowboarder. Also Pat Burgener had to admit that all of the medal winners are currently riding in another league. Nevertheless Pat can be definitely very proud of his performance: “I rode better than ever and finished my Olympic run of which I have always dreamed of. I know, that I couldn’t win a medal because there have been three persons, who reached more height and are technically better than me.”

We are proud of Pat and are sure, that in future he will reach even more!
Again congratulations, Pat!

Here we have some highlight shots for you: