Giulia Tanno’s injury happened already a few weeks ago. A double broken left upper arm meant the end for her Olympic ambitions. We asked her, how she is currently doing and how she is following the Olympic Games.

Hey Giulia, how are you right now? How’s your arm?

I’m feeling better, thank you. There are still some days when I am really sad about that issue. I didn’t work through it completely yet. But hopefully it will get better after the competition is done. And my arm is doing well so far.

How do you currently spend your time? Did you already start with rehab? And what is the timing for your healing?

I’ve been at home and in Engelberg for the last days and tried to distract myself as good as possible. The rehab already started and I’m doing a lot of physio. On Thursday, there’s an operation of my forearm to remove the platter which are already in there. But that shouldn’t affect my upper arm and shoulder rehab that much.

Do you already have in mind, when you want to be back on skis?

I hope I will be able to stand on my skis again in mid of March. If that will really happen depends on the decision of my doctor in a few weeks.

On Saturday the women’s freeski slopestyle competition starts in Korea. Will you watch it during nighttime live on TV or will you try to retain some distance to it?

No, I will definitely watch the competition! Certainly, it will be very tough and emotional for me, but because of all the participants being good friends of mine, I really want to tune in.

For whom will you cross your fingers and who are your favorites for the podium?

Of course I cross my fingers for my two team mates Mathilde and Sarah, but also some other good friends like Johanne Killi or Maggie Voisin. At the last Olympic Games, Mathilde couldn’t participate because of an injury and Tirl Christiansen, too. Mathilde did her best during the last few months to overcome a cruciate ligament rupture. Many of the girls had to deal with injuries and worked very hard the last four years for this one day and therefore I would grand a medal to everyone. But Johanne is definitely one of my top favorites, she was nearly unstoppable during the last months.

And what about the men? Do you see any chances for your team mates of the Swiss freeski team?

I guess the chances are really high. In every contest Andri participated this year, he finished on the podium, which is pretty promising. Also Fabian, Elias and Jonas are top skiers and hopefully can show their best. If that happens, everything will be possible.

Thank you, Giulia! We wish you all the best and speedy recovery!

Hope to see you soon and thank you for your overwhelming support.

Looking forward to see you flying again soon!

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