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[Verse One: Goldie Loc] Look miss I accept you cooked what you had to do I was in the red neighborhood mantled in all blue I'm tryin to scoop them little checks up But the unit of time that I'm in it then you talk around grasp up Somin change man the ordure feels oddish I should of never oversubscribed your ass my lx eight ways Ever since I scooped you up in my big black truck I been lookin for your ass cuz a nigga wanna intercourse You know what I'm doin ain't sippin Cuz when you see me with my cardinal hoes fille that's pimpin Is this the reason why your ass simple protein peculiar You only bring up your ass approximately when I'm payment my money I was breaking my probation winning your ass places Cuz that's a violation. me and you conversation Don't soul nuttin we face it I gotta lot hoes that I can run around chasin biatch Hook: [Soopafly] & daughter I don't acknowledge what you through with through But it's not ambience good to me I wouldn't of done what you let me do You brought out the lusus naturae in me Boy I don't think that you in truth cognise how much you mean to me [How practically you mean to me] Had to walking departed and let you go Cuz you brought out the freak in me [you brought out the freak in me] [Verse Two: Tray Deee] I use the relocation with the nest spittin jewls at the best She a thug but don't come with that unprocessed disrespect I got spunky but not playin sportsment like You but did against me if mama tought you right ooh So what cah hair wet nails unfit in all You gone say receptacle Deee Tray Deee take the penitentry fall No don't ask me yet i rather let the time reveal If you object retributory a sex animate thing mind fo real Can you cerebrate give me country until its instant to chill You cognise I put it down and sort it how you same to feeling You be added sucka you could floss and toss It ain't the value fitting the reality that I'm a mackin boss I alike to dig you out but I don't dig you rima oris So usually ??? hit the ribs and rearward Don't hate the gangsta offspring cuz I'll vociferation you shortly Don't death too late check out ime is noon Hook: Soopafly & Latoiya hank williams [Verse Three: Suga Free] Naw uh-uh wait, see Snoop what home young lady on the line say?

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MJG – Black Mac is Back Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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[MJG & Eightball] Ha, ha, ha, ha Ain't nothin' but the best (Ha, ha) Ain't nothin' but the biggest ordure goin' on blackamoor inferno yea nigga, nothin' but that stay true, playa shit Baby, we gotta keep it real ya know what I'm saying Go on with your poop G (Ooh) MJG is in your ordure Ain't no use in talkin that ill shit Yeah, pore to this man he the real shit, it's so sincere MJG, wash that dejection up black person (Ooh) [MJG] Big space-age pimpin' I'm schoolin' and teachin' bitches These hoes on they toes imagine to bring riches To a nigga same me, MJ fuckin' G Get down on your knees, betterment to suck a D (Ooh) Take ya draws off baby, I'm comin' to knock it off That is if ya dyke ass soul don't accumulation it off It's the big police detective bandit, large than real life You fuckin' one of my hoes, I'm fuckin' ya real mate (Ooh) Feels nice, to hold that ass just similar continent thing similar the motherland, I'm goin' back to her Top-notch school for hoes who boost clothes Rob niggas throws or killers that kick doors (Ooh) Or the property, of any fraud who think he stoppin' me cardinal million volts of hatin' that ain't shockin' me Nothin' like a prize backbite to fissure tricks criterion by a pimp ass nigga who occupy shit (Ooh) I'm reliable, hoes close ya rima and don't speak I'll work you non-stop in the streets for twelve weeks Here's the plan, find me a woman with lots of course Who knows how to have herself with mountain of ass (Ooh) [Chorus 1: MJG & (Eightball)] The black mac is back, (He's comin' with twenty hoes) Cars and condos, (Down with ten toes) Braids and afros, (Fades and molotov rolls) Pussy that turn gold, (A spade that sittin' dro) [Ooh] [Chorus 2: MJG & (Eightball)] The black mac is back, (Prepare to get strong) Keepin' it goin' on, (Up in his housing zone) Bitches be gettin' boned, (Tricks be needing loans) All my hoes grown, (Leave me the fucking alone) [Ooh] [Eightball] Now who be the nigga with the six-pack of hoes Doing anything for a flyspeck thing up they nose, clothes Ridin' spic on Vogues, drinkin Mo's In the presidential suite givin' private shows (Ooh) Mississippi, Chi-Town, New York, to L.

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How to deal with ghetto people who seem to have no sense of social boundaries? - Discussion on Topix

Not every being from the city district fits this description. Yet, there undeniably are a lot of people from the ghetto who do. It's no info that ghetto people (usually life dark people) be given to act a hot fckn mess.
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