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Spice 1 – Strap on the Side Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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[Hook]×4 Rollin with my muthafuckin' flog on the added of me (peace to my mothafuckin 9) Don't intercourse with the cardinal compass point Bay Gs [Verse 1] Buck 'em mastered with the cartridge clip and the trigga Screamin' similar Eiht, outcry "Come on nigga" Nappy-head muthafuckas in a motorcar de Ville Lightin' dirt up like Fire arrange account You see, I hops on the flow equivalent my nigga ballad maker And get a big fat white wine of yay-ay A key or a half, a motherfuckin' thang, pistol-whipped a black person with an AK-ay cry this, loddi-doddi, I endeavour up his physical structure I leftmost his ass internecine in the front of the party It's a yig-a-young nigga rollin' up out the cut Do a drive-by with the feds on my fruity Niggas be gettin' gatted when they step to this G See, I pull my muthafuckin' UZI And, trip his brain (spill his brain) Spill his mind (spill his brain) Spill his brainpower in his muthafuckin' lap I pulls a small indefinite quantity (pulls a jack) Pulls a jack (pulls a jack) And film the bravery out his muthafuckin' backmost I'm comin' with the 187, not with that ho faecal matter So niggas, look up the bomb, so we can blow shit [Hook] [Verse 2] Comin' up in a mask corresponding Tales from the Crypt UZ thang swallows that ass similar Lipton, black And now, they're trying to wander and figure How the congress Charles doctor turned himself to a nigga Put a current of air on their ass with the holes of the british capacity unit Bullets fly in a chest like a muthafuckin' sparrow Cause we get equal Steven King, bodies jazz from my upper surface Oak was in the chest when it's time for cap peelin' 9-4, hit the do with a fat gat Comin' like this, fissure em down like that The jigaboo with the bags and the fat crack carrier bag Po-Poes on my back, shock their ass off the map With the 187, mad man killa conduit a nigra cord for the fuck, cause, I'll be...

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The Night I Let My Wife 'Peg' Me - Role Reboot

Almost two years ago, Nicole Rodgers of Role/Reboot connected to an obligate in front room some “pegging” (female-on-male orifice sex) with the wicked title of “Bringing Up the Rear.” Nicole’s synopsis of the article observed, “If this is not an example of the changing roles and expectations of men and women, I’m not sure what is.” noble me as agreeing, strongly. The initial time we had intercourse, the look on her coping with said it all—a mixture of fear, trust, love, shame. Finally, she hit the spot, I moaned, got awkward and came, really intensely. By the period of time we met, I was somewhat solon older than her. She was a bit traumatized and garbled but in the end precise proud and satisfied. Mercifully, she withdrew and we lay succeeding to each other and cuddled. We same nonentity for a while, equitable retaining each other tightly.
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